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Trick to practise Acrylic & Oil Painting without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wooden framed canvas or canvas board are not the only material choice for Acrylic and Oil Painting! There is a canvas paper which is more affordable in price and lighter in weight for mobility to develop your new painting skills with. 

The canvas paper is a new-technology paper ranging from 300-400gsm with a textured, coated surface that similar to linen canvas. It is acid free paper in flat sheet just like a drawing pad for easy storage.

ARTO BY CAMPAP offers 2 choices of Itay originated canvas paper that work perfectly for Acrylic and Oil Painting absorption respectively. Available with options of Wire-O, Painting Pad, Four Sides Glue and Loose sheet format. 

亚克力和油画看起来总是很时尚,但是也很烧钱哪!不是的! 其实有个方法可以省下很多买油画框布的钱!ARTO BY CAMPAP 油画和亚克力画纸拥有仿真油画框布的表层,价钱也比较实惠。油画纸扁平如画本,携带轻盈储存也方便。

想画油画就尽情画吧! 画家, 画吧画吧画吧,不是罪!cheeky

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